A&M Advance Solutions carries wide range of special lenses to fit any application. Some application may need special lens designed for specific output image that ease  decision making in vision system design. Not only be suitable for specific application, but also reduce overall project cost as it might reduce number of cameras required.

Check out following lens categories or contact our sales team for more information and support.

4K Zoom Lens System – POMEAS

The 4K big FOV high-resolution zoom lens not only has excellent performance in zooming, but also has big FOV and higher speed. It is an idea choice for high speed detection and accurate application. Compared with the traditional zoom system, the field of vision is improved by more than 1.45X.


  • Support 1″ Sensor camera, which expands the FOV by more than 1.45x compared with the traditional lens at the same magnification.
  • Designed with higher resolution requirements, the horizontal resolution with a 1 inch camera can reach 4K level.
  • The magnification is 0.68x – 5x, which is suitable for most testing applications
  • Modular design, multiple magnification TV tube and lens attachment are optional, modules with other functions are additionally provided for selection


6.5x Zoom Lens System – POMEAS

6.5x Zoom lens system comes with the perfect combination of high resolution and big magnification ratio. This series becomes the most universal zoom lens, which is widely used in various industry applications. Sample applications are used in semiconductor, automation, electronic communication and else.


  • Professional optical design, optical magnification ratio 6.5:1
  • Big FOV application, based on 2/3″ camera
  • Compact structure, easily for assembly and installation